Why Dogs Have Bad Breath – The Reasons


Do you ever wonder why dogs have bad breath? Its important to know as much as we can about dogs in order to take care of them and the answer to this question is essential to doing that.


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The Reasons Why Dogs Have Bad Breath


My whole family loves dogs and we treat our favorite pet as a member of the family.


When I got married, I left my dog with my parents and since my husband knows that dogs are my favorite pets, he got me one a few weeks before our weeding. Isn’t that sweet?


As a responsible dog owner, I always make it a point to feed and clean my dog. But, it’s not enough. There’s more to feeding, bathing, and walking your dogs.




For those who also love and own dogs (like me), it is important for you to know why dogs have bad breath and what causes bad breath in dogs.


Tooth and gum problems are the most common medical condition of cats and dogs because why dogs have bad breath as well as other pets is usually accompanied by other health problems.


Even if bad breath in your pets does not bother you or you don’t find it offensive, it is still best to treat the problem.


Tartar and Why Dogs Have Bad Breath


Tartar build up surrounding the teeth of your dog is the most common cause and reason why dogs have bad breath.


Just like in our case, if small food particles are left in between our teeth, these food particles will decay resulting in a friendly environment for oral bacteria to grow.




And when they grow, they become plaque. Plaque and other oral infections are responsible for why dogs have bad breath.


In addition, plaque sticks to the base of teeth causing inflammation and receding of gums. Eventually these gum problems contribute to the foul smell of your dog’s breath.


Puppy Breath


Have you noticed that puppies have different breath odors? I won’t say it’s stinky or offensive, but it’s just that it smells like puppy breath.


This is because young puppies that are in the process of shedding their baby teeth usually salivate and bad breath occurs.


Rinsing your puppies’ mouth with water mixed with baking soda gives them relief and minimizes bad breath.


Older Pets and Why Dogs have Bad Breath


In older pets, liver and kidney diseases usually affect the mouth; therefore, bad breath can possibly be traced through organ failure.


Kidney and liver disease can lead to dental disease and dental disease can lead to liver and kidney diseases. You can tell if your dog has dental problems because they will usually drool.




Now that we know why dogs have bad breath you need to know that it is treatable. You just have to be observant to the health condition of your pets. Here are several helpful tips in the treatment of bad breath:


1. Checkups for Why Dogs Have Bad Breath


Yearly general and dental check ups help you monitor the condition of your dog, including bad breath.


2. Feeding


To slow down the formation of plaque build up, feed your pet with a name brand commercial pet food. These crunchy foods helps massage gums and gradually remove tartar.



3. Minimize Why Dogs Have Bad Breath


Feed your dog with chewy treats, bones, and the like for they help minimize dental plaque.



4. Brushing


Brushing your pet’s teeth is the best thing you can do to keep their teeth and gums healthy. If you are interested you can find a dental kit for your dog or cat at our online pet shop.



5. Mouth Wash for Why Dogs Have Bad Breath


Use mouthwash and sprays containing enzymes that dissolve plaque and help reduce bacteria. These are available at veterinary clinics and pet shops like ours at Abound Pet Supplies.


For Granted


Why dogs have bad breath has been shown and it should not be taken for granted for this may lead to another serious problem.


If you notice your dog’s breath has an offensive smell, bring them to your veterinarian to determine the cause of their bad breath.


Best Treatment for Why Dogs Have Bad Breath


After all, our dogs deserve the best treatment we can give them as part of the family and fixing the issues for why dogs have bad breath is a part of that.


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