Training Your Cat - With Positive Reinforcement


Training your cat with positive reinforcement is a very popular way of training cats these days. For those that wonder if cats respond to positive reinforcement then this article is a must read.


Let's dive right in on training your cat.


Training Your Cat with Positive Reinforcement


Pets make our homes more complete by being there to greet us after a hard day at work or snuggling up to you while you sleep.


Cats have been termed the most fickle of creatures; however, they are sweet lovable creatures if you raise them from infancy.


Voice, Car and Spoils


Most cats recognize their owners by the sound of their voice, the car they drive, and who spoils them the most. Like dogs, cats can be trained.


A cat can be trained to come to your call, to bring their toys when they want to play, as well as more domestic issues such as using a litter box.


The key to Training Your Cat is positive reinforcement


Training your cat can start at any age, but it is typically wise to start out with a kitten. Cats cannot distinguish words, but they are very astute in distinguishing tones of your voice.


They will know they have done something wrong just by the tone of voice you use. This is why it is important to use your upset voice when they have done something wrong, otherwise they will become confused.


Positive or Negative


Let us go back to training your cat with reinforcement. Reinforcement is either positive or negative.


Water is a negative reinforcement for a cat or kitten because they typically despise being wet. Some positive reinforcement can be hugs or full body petting, treats, or play time.


Training your cat to come to your call is to repeat their name while they are looking at you. Look them in the eye while you are using a nice tone of voice.


Another Sound for Training Your Cat


Another way to call your cat is to have another sound, like snapping fingers, or clicking noises with your tongue. These typically gain the attention of your cat or kitten so they learn to come when you call.


Training your cat to use the litter box is perhaps the easiest part of having a kitty in your life. It is best to keep them confined to one room, the room you will have the litter box in to train them.


They will learn by you putting them in the box and allowing them to familiarize themselves with the smell.


By Nature


Cats by nature understand the feel of litter associating it with dirt. You may have to pick them up when they first begin to go if they do not understand the litter box and place them inside.


Occasionally a cat may not like the litter you use. They show their displeasure by using the floor. This is a time to try something new when training your cat.


Most female adult cats will train their kittens so it is important they do not leave their mother’s care too quickly.




Food works in much the same way. Once you show them where their food bowls are they will continue to go there. Cats are creatures of habit. Habits are how you go about training your cat to bring you toys.


Some cats will simply meow when they want to play and casually bat their toy.


However, by training your cat every time they carry a toy mouse or stuffed toy to you they will continue to bring the toy without the reinforcement of a treat.




For an example my kitty, Stella, is two. She brings me a stuffed animal every afternoon or evening when she wants to play.


She lays it down near the end of my couch and meows until I recognize the good deed and begin to play with her.


Cats are trainable, perhaps not to the degree; a dog is trainable with voice commands, but you can succeed in training your cat in some ways.


More Fun after Training Your Cat


Cats will liven up any home and after training your cat, they can be just as much fun if not more fun than other pets. Especially when they give you comfort by sleeping on your lap, kneading and purring.


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