Terrier Dogs - Facts on the Breed Temperament


From the funny little pals to the more aggressive ones, terrier dogs definitely have a wide spectrum of temperaments and dispositions that anyone would find interesting. In fact, any kind of owner would fit with the various characteristics that this breed can show.


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The Temperament of Terrier Dogs


Beware though, for some can be very mischievous while others can display timidity.


Terrier dogs are primarily bred to help hunters in catching vermin, such as otters, foxes, rats and the like. Newer breeds though tend to be so domesticated that they are now included in the companion and toy breeds.


As with many other dog breeds, terrier dogs have diverse characteristics that set one type apart from another. A number of owners find them to be faithful with their families. And always ready to protect the home which they have become accustomed to.


Excellent Guardians


Distinguished excellent guardians, many dogs from this breed can easily determine well intentioned strangers from those who mean harm.


This instinct to protect is probably rooted in the earlier breeds which were originally used in bloody dog fights.


Since the banning of this sport, many breeders resorted to producing more docile dogs for homes. Through many cross-breedings, keen and protective terriers were produced.


Some notable terrier dogs with this disposition are the American Staffordshire Terrier or AmStaff, Airedale Terrier and Bedlington Terrier.


Terrier Dogs respond well to Training


One of the major features terrier dogs have is their ability to respond well to training. In fact, some types are endowed with natural intelligence which makes them fit for obedience training and dog shows.


Some terriers with this disposition need lots of activities that will challenge them mentally.


Those included in this type must be given enough training to restrain them from being destructive out of boredom. Unlike larger breeds with similar intelligence, most terrier dogs will not make as much damage.


An Air of Confidence


Some of this type also have the determination and dignified disposition that gives them an air of confidence.


Some terrier dogs are fun loving and humorous in some sense. They are lively and playful which provides entertainment for their families. And they have become the favorites for many centuries.


Terriers meanwhile should be provided with an active social environment that will prepare them as they mature.


Most terrier dogs with this disposition tend to dominate other dogs when they reach the ideal age to assert themselves. The bull terrier types best display this temperament.


Small Terrier Dogs are Among the Toughest


Surprisingly, some of the smallest terrier dogs are among the toughest. Take the case of the Cairn Terrier. For their relatively small size and their stocky build, they still portray the disposition of always being ready for a fight should the need arise.


Many types of this breed still retain the true terrier disposition. That is, hunting. Yet, significantly these dogs have a keen desire for human companionship. Which make them both good ratters and affectionate pets.


Power, Speed and Endurance


Others still have the power, speed and endurance that many of their ancestors possessed. Some of these traits may have been repressed due to domestication. But many terriers can still show off these characteristics whenever the need arises.


This breed is quite old. In fact, many of them have been in existence since time immemorial. As such it's not surprising that they have certain characteristics that an owner can either detest or love.


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