Pot Bellied Pigs – Some Facts About Them


Pot Bellied Pigs are usually not top of mind in literature. There have been lots of books written about dogs like Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows. Black Beauty is every girls dream horse after his memoirs were so cleverly translated. But don't forget pigs.


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Taking a look at Pot Bellied Pigs


A recent string of mystery novels featuring sleuthing cats have earned felines a place in the literary annals. Considering that isn’t it interesting that some of the animal characters most people seem to remember the best are pigs.


When book lovers think of pigs they smile as they remember the sweet innocence of Wilbur as he strutted around the barnyard.


Or they shudder with delicious distaste as they think about how George Orwell's Napoleon ruled the farm after overthrowing the humans in Animal Farm.


More and More Homes


Recently, pot bellied pigs have been finding their way into more and more homes as family pets. Many pet owners are delighted by the pig’s keen intelligence and dynamic personality.


Or they walk into a neat tidy barn and spot and entire litter of new piglets sleeping in a little pig heap on a bed of straw. The next thing they know they have purchased a young pot bellied pig and are taking it home.


The First Mistake


The first mistake people often make when assuming that a pot bellied pig would make a good pet for their family is that they don't really understand that the cuteness


One minute they are holding a cute little piglet, the next they are looking at a short legged growing piglet with a strangely shaped skull, drooping jowls, and stiff hair.


The Next Mistake


The next mistake pet owners make when they purchase pig is that they assume they will stay miniature sized.


While it is true that the pot bellied pig is considerably smaller then its barnyard cousins pet owners need to understand that the pigs that are used for bacon and Easter hams are normally butchered at weight surpassing three hundred and fifty pounds.


The full grown sows can weigh in at well over five hundred pounds.


Healthcare Needs of Pot Bellied Pigs


Once you have purchased a newborn potbellied pig you need to start thinking about its health care.


Pot bellied pigs need to be spayed or neutered. They also need to have their feet trimmed on a regular basis. Additionally they need to have their long tusks trimmed, and they need yearly vaccinations.


Purchasing a pet health plan for your new pet might help make veterinary care more affordable.


Deciding on A Plan


If you decide to purchase a health insurance plan for your pot bellied pig make sure of one thing. That it is one that will still be valid at the end of your pets life, which could be twenty years away.


If you are unable to find a pet health insurance company who is selling coverage for pot bellied pigs don't worry. Try to get a deal through an insurance company that insures farmers’ valuable livestock.


Liability Insurance


In addition to health insurance pot bellied pig owners should probably consider getting some type of liability insurance. Just in case their pot bellied pig accidentally hurts someone.


For the most part pot bellied pigs are low key and amiable. But once in a while you can stumble across one that gets irritated with people.


Pot Bellied Pigs Are Very Strong


Just like their larger, barnyard cousins, pot bellied pigs are very strong. They can literally toss a full grown man to the side with just a little nudge of their snout.


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