Pet Hermit Crabs - The Basics for Their Survival


Pet Hermit crabs are fun pets to care for in your home. They used to be reserved for souvenirs from seaside vacations, but now they can be bought almost anywhere. They make wonderful starter pets for kids.


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Pet Hermit Crabs and Their Survival


Hermit crabs make a great alternative to the more traditional gerbils or hamsters, and they have a much longer lifespan than goldfish!


Contrary to what you might expect if you are new to pet hermit crabs, it is possible to play with them, and they do have little personalities of their own.


Do you think a hermit crab may make a great pet for you? Here are some helpful hints to get you started.


Equipment and Supplies for Pet Hermit Crabs


Before you get your hermit crab, you need to get the basic equipment and supplies in place. First, they will need an aquarium for their house.




Forget those teeny, tiny cages you see at the shops by the beach. Pet hermit crabs really need a ten-gallon aquarium to be comfortable.


If you are getting more than one crab, obviously you will need a bigger aquarium. A pet shop will be able to advise you on the best size for the number of hermit crabs you will be housing.


Make sure the aquarium has a snug fitting lid so your little friends do not make a run for it! Place a heating pad under the tank to keep your crabs feeling nice and tropical.




You will need something to cover the floor of the tank, as well. Three to four inches of sand works best. But you can also use crushed coral or reptile fiber bedding.


If you use something other than sand, it is still a good idea to cover a portion of the floor with sand, so the pet hermit crabs will have somewhere comfortable to go when they molt.




Now that you have the house and the flooring covered, you will need to get two shallow water dishes and a food dish. Shallow shells work well for this job.


In one water dish, you should keep fresh water, and in the other, keep salt water, made with a marine aquarium salt solution.


Sea Sponge


The dishes need to be shallow enough for the pet hermit crabs to crawl into. A natural sea sponge is a nice addition to the fresh water dish, the crabs will love to pinch it, and it will help keep the humidity levels up in the aquarium.


Wood Pieces


The last thing you will need to gussy up your pet hermit crabs home is some decorative wood pieces for the crabs to climb on. Coral and coconut shells also make great additions that your crab will love to play with.


Feeding Pet Hermit Crabs


Once you get your crabs, to feed them, you will need to get some commercial hermit crab food. You can supplement that food with small pieces of fruit, meat, cereal, or fish.


Additionally, make sure your crab gets crushed eggshells or oyster shells to boost their calcium level. It is important to keep their fragile skeletons strong. Cuttlebone is another option for this purpose.


Clean Daily


To care for pet hermit crabs, clean their water and food dishes daily, and spot clean the tank when necessary. You will want to provide plenty of extra shells, in increasingly larger sizes, so your crab can change homes as they grow.


Shells with wide openings are best. When your crab molts, remove the skin they have shed as soon as possible.


A Thermometer


One optional, but useful accessory to get is a tank thermometer and humidity-measuring tool. Hermit crabs will be most comfortable when the temperature is kept around 72°F - 80°F and the humidity level is between 70% and 80%.


With these helpful hints, you are now ready to get your pet hermit crabs. All that is left to do now is come up with some names for your new pets!


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