Indoor Cats – How To Keep Them Happy


We all know that indoor cats that spend most of their time indoors are healthier. Studies show that indoor cats live nearly twice as long as outdoor cats. The risk of accidents and disease are reduced, or eliminated. Your cat doesn’t know this, however, so how do you keep them happy about staying inside and not roaming the neighborhood.


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How To Keep Indoor Cats Happy


First of all, spending time playing with indoor cats will make them feel loved. It will give them exercise and help work off any excess energy they may be experiencing.


Cats like to eat green things. Plant some cat grass in pots around the house and allow them to nibble from them. This will help take care of their need to eat greenery.



Open a Window


Opening a window that has a secure screen will allow indoor cats to have fresh air. If you hang a bird feeder within sight of this window, you will find your cat staying entertained for hours on end as they watch the birds come and go.


If you have a porch, tying your cat out on a leash will allow them to lie in the sunshine and breath fresh air. The leash will keep them safely secure so they do not roam and get lost or hurt.


Indoor Cats Need Their Shots If They Do This


This is one instance when it is important to make sure they are up to date on their shots. This will make sure they do not catch any airborne diseases.


Following the above suggestions will help insure that indoor cats stay both happy and healthy—and all those who share their home with a cat know that a happy cat makes for a happy home.


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