House Training a Pitbull – Step by Step


To begin house training a Pitbull, you first need to determine a suitable place outside your house where they can relieve them self. Once you have found that place, give your puppy a little tour around to let them get acquainted with the new area.


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House Training a Pitbull Step by Step

The next step in house training a Pitbull is to restrict their freedom inside the house. Your Pit Bull puppy is less inclined to relieve themselves near their sleeping area. By restricting them to certain areas in your house, they will be more likely to hold themselves.


When house training a Pitbull, do not make them wait too long. Even if your puppy is physically strong, they still have very weak control over their bladder and bowel movements.

If you cannot find the time to take them outside often enough, and whenever they need to go, then you leave them with no other choice but to relieve themselves in your house.


When They Need to Go


Once you notice that they need to use the bathroom, then you need to take them outside immediately. And stay with them until they have finished relieving themselves.


As soon as they are finished, remember to reward them with praise and plenty of treats. This will let them know how pleased you are.

While house training a Pitbull do not expect more from them than they are physically able to do.


A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that a puppy can hold their bowel for as many hours as their age in months. For example, a three-month old puppy can hold it in for about three hours.

There is however, a limit to this rule when house training a Pitbull. It is not sensible to expect your twelve-month old puppy to hold their bladder or bowel movements for twelve hours.


An Accident Waiting to Happen


If they are forced to stay inside the house for longer than you can reasonably expect them to hold it in, you are causing an accident waiting to happen.


At the same time, you are teaching your puppy to go in the wrong place. Installing a doggy door is a very effective way to go about house training a Pitbull.


Once they get the idea and become familiar with where they need to go, they will usually let themselves out to do their business while you are gone.

When they relieve themselves inside the house, they mark that area as their bathroom area. And are likely to go there again. If your Pit Bull puppy does have an accident in your house, clean and deodorize the area thoroughly. And then block their access to that area.


House Training a Pitbull and Catching Them


When house training a Pitbull and you catch them in the act, say "no" in a firm voice and rush them outside. Punishing them for relieving inside your house will not help them learn any faster and in fact can slow their progress.

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