Domestic Cat Breeds – 3 Of The Best


Have you always wanted a cat but heard some domestic cat breeds make better pets than others? Maybe you have always wanted a cat but do not know anything about them? There are plenty of ways to learn about cats and what domestic cat breed fits your personality.


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What Domestic Cat Breeds Are Best For You?


The choice can come from having an indoor, outdoor or indoor and outdoor cat. The tough and smart survive in the out of doors. Small cats are often pray for birds and other wildlife and should be kept indoors.


Tomcats, a mixed breed, are great at surviving outdoors and are mousers.


So let us look at a few domestic cat breeds and then you will be able to choose which one may be right for your lifestyle.




The Siamese cat can be a fickle creature. They often require a lot of

attention when they determine it is necessary. They tend to meow quite a bit and can tear up a home if left alone for too long.


These are the downsides. Siamese are a great cat breed and can be great pets especially when raised from infancy. They are often white with brown ears and blue eyes.


Lady and the Tramp


You may recognize them from Lady and the Tramp? Those two were a little mean and not the typical portrayal of a Siamese. Siamese are generally very affectionate.


Very Social


They are also one of the most intelligent of the cat species. They tend to be very social which is why they meow or “talk” a lot. A sign for attention is usually a very vocal meow much like a babies cry.


Of the domestic cat breeds Siamese typically bond to one person very strongly and are territorial of that person.




The Persian cat breed is one of the oldest cats around. They are long haired cats with beautiful shinny coats. They are very soft and friendly however they are prone to health problems such as allergies.


Other Cats


The Persian does not always play as much as other domestic cat breeds but they do enjoy a bit of fun for exercise especially in a social situation. They love to have other cats around to play with as well as have a lap available when they are in need of a nap.


Variety of Colors


Persians are a variety of colors from solid black, white or a mix of white and browns around the face. A popular Persian is the Himalayan.




The Manx is known for its stubby tail or having no tail. The downside to Manx cats is the lack of a tail. Often a Manx can suffer from worms and other parasites due to improper cleaning and not having the protection of a tail.


Intelligent and Playful


This does not mean you should discount the Manx as a domestic cat breed. The Manx breed is extremely intelligent and playful. They are a lot like dogs in the play area because they can fetch when you throw toys and bring them back to you.


Left Alone


They are very social animals and depend on human care. They don’t like to be left alone for too long so it is wise to have other cats to play with when you are gone during the day. The best home for a Manx is one filled with children.


Just Three of the Domestic Cat Breeds


These are just three of the more popular domestic cat breeds. There are over a dozen cat breeds to choose from and finding the one to fit your lifestyle is important. Cats are very social and intelligent but some breeds can be loners.


They Own You


When looking at domestic cat breeds it is important to note that most often a cat chooses when the time is right and what type of attention they want at the time. The phrase “you do not own a cat it owns you” is very true.


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