Custom Pet Tags – Taking a Look at Them


Custom pet tags feature information chosen by the customer and can include personal messages, information about medical conditions or dietary needs. Made-to-order tags come in engraved, embossed, personalized, and reflective styles.


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Taking a Look at Custom Pet Tags

Engraved pet tags are available in different colors and styles such as bone, mouse, round, square, and more. They cost as little as $10.00 but the price goes up depending on the quality. Large tags may have five lines of information and small ones may have only three lines of engraved text.


Both sides of tags can have engraved text. Custom pet tags can have engraved art work and logos of the customer’s choice. Laser engraved tags displaying information on both sides are expensive.


Personalized engraved tags can be made on order. Both computer and hand-engraved pet tags are available in the market.


Engraved Text on Both Sides

Wear-proof and sturdy personalized pet tags can have engraved text on both sides. The text may contain two phone numbers, and vet and medical information. All personalized ID tags should have the name of pet and the owner, address and telephone number.


They may carry a “reward” depending on an owner’s willingness to pay a reward if their lost pet is found. Custom pet tags come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Light-weight tags come in stainless steel, plastic and aluminum. Personalized pet tags can be bought for as little as $10.00.


Reflective Custom Pet Tags

Reflective custom pet tags feature a reflective sticker on their back for reflecting headlights to make drivers aware of pets roaming on the roads. These pet tag stickers cost as little as $3.00. They protect pets, especially in the night.


These tags make pets highly visible. Even from a distance when vehicle light falls on the tag surface. Reflective tags without batteries save pets in the night and offer emergency data.

Reflective custom pet tags were introduced two decades ago. They have brightly colored stickers that shine. With the reflective coating being placed on the non-engraved side of the tags. The coating reflects only in very low light conditions.


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