Custom Dog Tags – Looking for the Right Ones


Have you been looking and shopping for custom dog tags, without finding what you’re looking for that suits your dog’s personality? Did you know that you can choose your exact specifications, give them to a manufacturer, and they’ll produce a dog tag to your liking. Some retailers even specialize in custom tags.


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Looking for the right Custom Dog Tags

Do you like the look and feel of stainless steel, brass, or aluminum? Or perhaps you are not picky, and just need a plastic tag. Plastic won’t last quite as long, but they are inexpensive and easily replaceable.


A metal or plastic dog tag shouldn’t cost more than $40 in most cases, and in many cases they cost under $10. You can have all of your dog’s ID information imprinted in the surface of any metal or plastic dog tag.

Some custom dog tags are jeweled. You can sometimes choose an exact pattern that you wish the design to be in. If you want the shape of a cursive “R” for Rex, and you want it done in rhinestone, you can find someone to do that.



A Limited Array of Options


Some retailers will offer a more limited array of options for custom dog tags. But you can still usually choose from two or three types of embedded stones.

When it comes to really high-end dog tags, such as sapphire, real silver, gold, or diamonds, there tend to be more choices.


This is because you will be paying many hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for the material itself, so it’s worth it for the retailer to give you as many options as you like.


A Collar or Necklace for Custom Dog Tags

You must also choose the material and style of the collar or necklace to go with the tags. There are leather, nylon, rubber, and so on, on the lower end price point; and silk or silver chains on the higher end. Choose a collar or necklace that compliments whatever custom dog tags you go with. Just make sure your dog is comfortable with it.


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