Caring For a New Puppy – The First Weeks


After you select the puppy of your dreams, you get to take them home. Without a manual for caring for a new puppy to tell you how to succeed at raising them.


Let's dive right in.


Caring For A New Puppy You Have Just Brought Home


The first night is always hard because the puppy will start to miss their Mom and other siblings. They may cry or whine through out the night. One can hardly blame them for their actions.


The pup will need a soft, dry, and safe place to sleep. Perhaps throw in a cloth or toy that has his litter mates or Mom's scent on it. If you run to them when they cry, you will be reinforcing the habit.


Into Everything


Placing a sheet over the box or crate will get the pup used to going to sleep at that time.


While caring for a new puppy it is important to note that puppies are mischievous by nature, and like their feline counterparts, get into everything. Be sure that hazardous items like marbles, wires, rocks, and any type of harmful plants are far out of the puppy's reach


Scolding your pup should be just like telling a child NO. However, when you tell them NO, you should show them the correct behavior.


For example, if they chew up the newspaper, take it away and replace it with one of their toys. Praise them for chewing their toy. Reprimands should be sharp and short.


More Problems


Hitting or spanking may create more problems down the road. The pup can become fearful, shy, or aggressive. Always reward for proper behaviors. Treats make a great reinforcer. So is a simple scratch between the ears and a hug,


When caring for a new puppy make sure to feed them dry food especially made for puppies. Watch out for very high protein and extra vitamins as they may be harmful to your growing puppy.


Feeding and Caring for a New Puppy


Feed them two or three times a day. Usually after fifteen minutes, the pup will have eaten all they want, so you can remove the dish. As they grow, after ten to twelve weeks of age, feed them once in the morning and once at night.




All of these tips on caring for a new puppy should help your new pup get through those first horrible weeks away from their family. The bond forming between you and your pup will last a lifetime.


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