Bullmastiff History – How They Came to Be


Bullmastiff history began as a result of breeding, between the Bulldogs and the Mastiffs. The Bullmastiff inherited from the latter the stature and body, and the the fast and active from the former.


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The Progression Of Bullmastiff History


While Bullmastiffs are loyal, gentle, good companions and play mates for children, they still remain an excellent guard dog.


Official Recognition


Although the Bullmastiff gained official recognition in the year 1924, the modern breed being created from the early XVII century.


Crossings Throughout Bullmastiff History


It is obvious that between the two breeds there have always existed crossings throughout Bullmastiff history.




Both of British origin, but differently orientated through selection, they gave the final product a sum of qualities very much appreciated among the breed lovers.


The Main Reason They Were Created


The main reason this breed was created is the mixture of guarding abilities with courage.


Seeking to obtain a dog faster than the Mastiff that could protect hunting grounds and could also help capture and immobilize illegal hunters.


Gamekeeper's Night Dog


Actually the Bullmastiff was once called the Gamekeeper's Night Dog, which means the night dog of the hunting guard.


Perfection Took Time


In Bullmastiff history it appears that perfecting the breed took some time – almost 30 years.


Its creator admitting the fact that he started with setting the standards, and only then achieving the correct mixture.


Bullmastiff History has Worldwide Fans


Soon, the Bullmastiff gained fans all over the world and it was preferred over the Mastiff because they were smaller, easier to control and to raise.


The Bullmastiff, a dog that will never act naturally violent, must not be abused in any way. They feel at their best next to a master that has lots of patience.


Quiet and Relaxed


In society they are pretty quiet and relaxed, assuming they have been brought into contact with people since they were little.


When they are still a puppy they must grow used to petting and to strangers.


Always the Guard Dog


In Bullmastiff history they have always been equipped for guarding. It has traditionally been and remains their main role as a breed.


The Bullmastiff has some incredibly quick reactions and they will protect their owner even with their life. In a family environment they are a pleasing friend, loving and patient with little children.


They Have Remained Playful


When it comes to Bullmastiff history they have remained playful. They will love children and let them do anything to them without fighting back. They need wide open spaces to exercise and run freely. But they will always want to be around their master.



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