Building a Dog House – Step by Step


Building a dog house can be an adventure in and of itself. Once you decide on adopting a dog, the next step is to decide on what type of dog house that you will need. The dog house depends on the dog breed that you want.


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How to Go About Building a Dog House


Dogs grow very fast and allowances must be taken to ensure that the dog house will shelter the dog when it is full-grown.


The Dog House Type


This is a fine time to practice creativity. There are as many dog house styles as there are houses for people.


For people that want to exercise fun and creativity, dog house styles could be constructed to look like a miniature single room white house complete with a blue room or just have the blue room instead.


Basic Structure when Building a Dog House


It could even look like the basic structure of your house with the inside looking like your room. It could be constructed to look like a chalet, a lean to, a box or a cage.


There are a lot of choices. The only must is that the dog house will fit the dog enough to let them move around comfortably. And that the roof will not heat up too much during the summer months.


When building a dog house another very important item to consider is a door. In areas where there are very cold months, a door should be opted for instead of the usual open hole.


Determining the Size when Building a Dog House


Determining the dog house size is a personal choice. You can build the dog house as big as you want. However, you cannot build a dog house smaller than this:




While building a dog house determine a comfortable height that is also enough to insure good air circulation. Then add 9 inches to the height of a fully-grown dog of the same breed.




Determine the shortest length for a dog house, add one and one half foot from the length of the dog starting from the tip of the nose to its rump.




Decide the narrowest width of the doghouse that would provide enough space for the dog to move around, add one foot to the length of the dog, this is the narrowest space for your width.


Choosing the Location


The ideal area to be chosen as the location for building a dog house is a level ground that is free from water run-off. Clear the site where the dog house will be built down to the short grass.


Pack the ground tightly before building a dog house. In areas where there are extreme changes in weather, you may need to insulate the doghouse or consider air conditioning. This is more important when you have an outdoor dog breed.


Many Choices


There are many choices for roofing but often, a wooden roof is sufficiently cool. For flooring you may want vinyl or lumber as these are easily cleaned.


For health reasons, the dog house is usually constructed a few inches from the ground. This also wards off insects and other small animals from entering aside from insuring that the place remains dry. Then you begin building a dog house.


Building a Dog House with a Dog House Kit


If pressed for time you could go with a dog house kit. There are so many varieties that are available that are pre-fabricated and are available in your local pet shops.


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