Baby Iguanas – How to Baby Them


If there are baby dogs, cats or rabbits, then it stands to reason that there are also baby iguanas. It is during this stage that iguanas appear in their most fragile state and need your loving care the most.


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Babying your Baby Iguanas the Right Way


Although baby iguanas appear like they are easy to take of in their small form, proper precautions are needed so that they will be healthy in their older years.


Certain Requirements


Just like any juvenile pet, there are certain requirements that you need to provide for baby iguanas. Although they are not as meticulous and as hard to get as any other pet food, you should also consider if these things will be perfect for your iguana.


You do not want them to become sickly and eventually die even before you see them in their full size, now do you?


Factors to Consider


Here are some of the important factors you need to consider when taking care of baby iguanas.


1. Shelter


Not just any type of cage will do. Though it does not matter what kind of material it is made of, you need to consider what should be inside the cage that baby iguanas will need.


Keep Them Warm


An example is having something in them that will keep your pet warm during the night. Check out some carpeting or artificial turf to cover the floor area of the cage. If you do not have the budget for it, you can opt for newspapers because they work just as well.


Need to Climb


Since iguanas live in trees, you need to set up some branches for baby iguanas to climb on to. Climbing on branches will form part of their leisure and movements. Just make sure that the branches are stable enough to hold their weight in case they lay down on them.


2. Temperature


Baby iguanas should always be warm in order to stay healthy. Since you have no way of telling this just by looking at them, you can put a thermometer inside their cage so you can monitor the changes in the temperature inside the cage.


Maintain It


Make certain that you maintain a temperature of 70 degrees during the night and 85 degrees in the day. It is also a good idea for the cage to be placed near a source of heat.


Drawn to Heat


You will see that baby iguanas are inclined to have a comfortable rest if they stay close to that heat being radiated.


Special monitoring of temperature is required during the cold season. Check the shelter regularly. You would not want your pet to freeze to death without you knowing.


3. Food Intake of Baby Iguanas


Iguanas need to have a diet that is rich in Vitamin D3, phosphorous and calcium. Lots of greens are also needed. You can also give them vegetables and fruits that you yourself are consuming.


What They Eat


Baby iguanas are not used to being fed just any kind of food. Their digestive system is not as strong and as flexible as cats or dogs. Know what kind of food they can take and what they cannot.


Taking Care


Iguanas can grow up healthy and strong just by taking care of them the way you do any kind of pet.


Consult a Vet on Baby Iguanas


If it is absolutely necessary, you can consult a vet that specializes in iguanas for things that are beyond your comprehension. They will be able to give you sound advice regarding baby iguanas and the things that you need to do.


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