Aspergillosis in Birds – What's the Risk to People?


Aspergillosis in birds can be serious. We all love to have animals. But sometimes we need to be careful that we aren’t causing ourselves more pain and suffering by having them.


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The Risk of Aspergillosis in Birds


No matter what pet you have, there are risks that are associated with having that pet. You are going to want to be sure that you know what they are. And that you do everything you can to make sure that they don’t’ happen.


Aspergillosis in Birds comes from a Fungus


First of all, when you have a pet bird or other animals such as birds in your yard or farm, you might run the risk of developing Aspergillosis in birds. This comes from a fungus that can be found in compost piles or other areas where bird waste has collected.


With your pet birds, there is little chance of getting Aspergillosis as long as you keep the cage clean, but if you have larger birds or if you have many birds on your property, there is a chance that you could see an outbreak of Aspergillosis in birds if you aren’t careful.




There are several signs of Aspergillosis that you should watch out for. Since it is a general lung infection that comes from fungus, the clearest signs are going to be wheezing and coughing.


As well as coughing up phlegm and an inability to breathe. You also might find yourself disoriented, and confused, or with a high fever.


Avoid It


The best way to avoid Aspergillosis in birds or any other diseases is always to make sure that you are running clean and safe establishments. This is both for the humans as well as for the birds.


You want to be sure that your animals are living in quarters that can be easily cleaned. That are cleaned often. And you have to be sure that you dispose of the waste in a way that is not dangerous.


It does no good to clean out the bird waste if it is still going to be left somewhere that humans might come in contact with it and become sick.


Humans and Aspergillosis in Birds


If you think that you or your family members have developed Aspergillosis from your birds you are going to want to be sure that you see a doctor right away. There are various stages to the illness, and the sooner you catch it the better you are going to be.


You should always be sure that you notify your doctor about what is on your property and if you suspect Aspergillosis in birds has affected you. And what else you might have come into contact with as well.


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