Albino Iguanas – How to Feed Them


Albino Iguanas are sensitive creatures. Most of them rely on their environment for survival. Having an Albino Iguana as your pet gives you the obligation to properly care for it and make sure that it survives under your captivity.


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How To Properly Feed Albino Iguanas


One of the most crucial factors in an Albino Iguanas survival is food. So being the owner, you must appropriately feed it with the right food.


Albino iguanas are scientifically classified as herbivores so green leafy plants should not be in its main diet. Though some people still recommend on feeding iguanas with insects and other animal protein based food.


Television and Magazines


You may have seen Albino iguanas eating insects on television or in magazines but research studies show that this thing occurs only by accident. Like, for example, when an insect is on a piece of plant.


An iguana slowly creeps over to eat it. Then leaf and insect are simultaneously consumed by the reptile.


Experts and veterinarians recommend more vegetables be fed to your pet and less animal protein or insects. This will eventually lead to better physical health.


Water for Albino Iguanas


Albino iguanas also need water, so make sure to provide them with this. Iguanas usually dip their head in the water when drinking, so also make sure to have a tall sided bowl that is full of fresh water.


Sometimes they also lick off small water droplets from plants to quench their thirst.


Water should always be available for your iguana and make certain that it is fresh. Never feed your iguana with left over vegetables because this may cause disorders in their digestive system. It will then lead to sickness or even death.


Every Day


It is highly recommended to feed Albino iguanas every day and regularly. The ideal time for feeding your iguana is early in the morning usually an hour after it is awake. Successive feeding throughout the day can also be done but only in small quantities.


Never feed your iguana large amounts of food before sleeping time.


Feeding iguanas in the morning gives them time to properly digest food before sleeping. In addition, the morning temperature will give your iguana the right environment to properly digest its food.


Amount of Food


The amount of food to be given literally depends on the size and bulkiness of Albino iguanas. The main rule here is to feed your iguana as long as it wants to eat. This kind of technique will allow you to note how much your iguana can eat in one feeding.


Food should be placed in a shallow bowl which should be made of ceramic, glass or plastic and should be regularly cleaned. The bowl to be used should be sturdy enough to hold your iguana and should not be tipped easily.




A variety of food is also important to make your iguana feel healthy and at home. Albino iguanas are known to eat a large variety of fruits and flowers in the wild so it is a good idea to also feed them this way while they are in your captivity.


Lighting and Sunshine for Albino Iguanas


Aside from proper food your iguana should also have the proper lighting and sunshine. Iguanas usually get calcium from the suns rays to help them properly digest their food.


So if you want Albino Iguanas to stay healthy and have a longer life span then feed them with the right amount of food and the right kind of food.


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