Training Your Cat to Use the Toilet - A Guide


You can begin training your cat to use the toilet. By doing this it will save you time and money. There will be little or no mess.


Let's dive right in.



How to start Training Your Cat To Use The Toilet


Once your cat has been trained to go into the toilet you will be able to eliminate the cat litter and the smell associated with cats.


Items for Training Your Cat to Use the Toilet


You will need a few items to get you started. Aluminum foil, a tray and cat litter preferably flushable kitty litter.


After training your cat to use the toilet you will not have to clean the litter box anymore and will save money on not having to buy cat litter.


Which Toilet


You need to decide which toilet in the house you will use.


In addition, what toilet in the house the cat will use. If you have two toilets it maybe easier to train than if you only have one toilet in the house.


Tray for Training Your Cat to Use the Toilet


You will have to use an aluminum tray to put on the toilet.

With two toilets in the house, you can leave the tray right in the toilet and not have to remove it when you need to use the toilet.


If you have only one toilet it will not be convenient to share it with your cat. You will just have to remove the tray whenever you want to use the toilet. Be sure to leave the seat down and lid up for the training period.


Leave a note on the toilet for guests so that your cat does not make a mess on the floor if the lid is down.




To begin training your cat to use the toilet you will replace the cats litter box with an aluminum-cooking tray. The aluminum tray should be the right size to fit in the toilet.


The seat lid should be able to close so that the seat lid holds the tray in place. Remember do not close the lid. The results may be less than attractive.




Start moving the tray closer and closer to the toilet that the cat will be using. Be sure not to move it when the cat does not know it is there. Once the litter tray is in the bathroom put something about an inch thick under the tray.


Magazines are a very bad choice for this. They are slick and the litter box may fall off.




As you proceed with training your cat to use the toilet, you will continue to raise the litter box about an inch every day.


Do this until the litter box is at the same level as the toilet. The cat will be able to just step into the litter box at first.

As you raise the litter box the cat will have to jump into the box.




You may want to secure the box so it does not move when the cat jumps into the litter box.


As you train your cat to use the toilet, let the cat know its there by scraping its claws in the tray. If there is no litter in the tray the cat will be confused and will not understand what is going on.


After the tray is in the toilet you can use cat litter which is flushable. If you use flushable kitty litter you will have little or no mess to clean up.


3 Weeks


Continue training your cat to use the toilet by leaving the tray there for about 3 weeks. During this time reduce the litter in the tray and make a 1" diameter hole in the tray. Every week make the hole 1/2" bigger.


If the cat messes on the floor then the cat is trying to let you know that you are moving too fast. If your cat is heavy try using two trays to hold its weight.


6 Months


You may want to wait to start training your cat to use the toilet until it is at least 6 months old. Cats younger than that cannot balance well and may end up being a big problem.


Do not get discouraged as the process of training your cat to use the toilet could take up to two to three months.


The cat will start with two paws on the tray. As the hole you put into the tray gets bigger (by 1/2" per week) it will move a third leg to the toilet seat.


Finished Training Your Cat to Use the Toilet


Finally the cat will have all four legs on the seat. Some cats cannot grip the seat very well. If the cat is the only one to use that toilet you might want to put some kind of tape it can grip to on the seat lid.


Now you have completed training your cat to use the toilet. Enjoy the benefits!



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